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              Marketing &Design


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              WHO WE ARE

              From the very beginning, We intended to be a different kind of Marketing Company. We started from local in New York from 2010. Now we are a team of 20 creative and passionate people.

              WHAT WE DO

              We build strong and modern advertising and marketing strategies for you. We are specialized in localization for Greater New York Area.

              WHY CHOOSING US

              We care about the quality and diversity of the people, and the creativity and efficiency of the operation.

              YOUR PARTNERS

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              Harmonia Waterfront Resort

              Harmonia Waterfront Resort is located in Flushing, the largest Chinese business district in the United States. Its project locates in the seaside of College Point that has a panoramic view of the entire Isle of Man. It is a rare boutique project. From design, construction, decoration to all supporting facilities, all reflect the noble quality. Blue Sky Creative Studio hosted the opening ceremony of the Harmonia Waterfront Resort Grand Opening, and completed with high-quality from the planning, preparation, and implementation of the event.

              Chopsticks NY

              Chopsticks NY is a well-known Japanese magazine in New York. This magazine has been released in New York for more than a decade. Blue Sky Creative Studio maintains a long-term relationship with Chopsticks NY. We provide professional interviews, photographs, and soft-writing services to our clients, and we are deeply aware of the advantages of our customers and help them promote their business within the Chinese community.

              Long Island Business Institute

              Long Island Business Institute is one of the long-term cooperation customers of Blue Sky Creative Studio. After fully understanding the needs of customers, we have customized a set of promotional services for our customers. Through self-media soft text promotion, APP online promotion, subway advertising, and offline activities, we help Long Island Business Institute to further expand the market, and at the same time establish a good reputation to achieve efficient conversion between online and offline.

              ETTV Top Idol

              Dongsen American TV Signature Show – ETTV TopIdol, has been the most eye-catching annual event in the Chinese community for 16 years! In this competition, Dongsen TV not only prepared 10,000 US dollars of prizes for the top three winners, but also invited Taiwan's well-known brokerage firm, Jay Chou's former club, Alpha Music, to create tomorrow's star. As the designated media of the New York Division of the EETV TopIdol, Blue Sky Creative Studio participated in the preparation, promotion and implementation of the competition.

              ChineseInvestors.com Inc

              Blue Sky Creative Studio has the most professional SEO team, helping ChineseInvestors.com Inc deal with all negative information to maintain a good reputation. We undertake various types of event promotion. We offer different promotional packages for different activities to help them better promote and expand their influence.

              Be-Nu Natural Fully Company VI Program

              Blue Sky Creative Studio has customized a complete set of brand VI program to help you build a comprehensive vision system of design and promotion from the inside out.

              Royal Queen

              As the official cooperative propaganda company of Royal Queen, we started from Royal Queen's offline events and morning tea culture. We helped Royal Queen to run its official WeChat interface on a weekly basis. While promoting new products, it attracted a group of stable fans of Royal Queen.


              From the very beginning, We intended to be a different kind of Marketing Company. We started out from local New York since 2010. And now we are a team of over 20 creative and passionate people.

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              136-82 39AVE 5FL, FLushing, NY 11354 Phone:+1 347 368 6577 Fax: +1 347 368 6596 Email:bluesky6577@gmail.com

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